My name is Christophe and I first came to Thailand in 2008 as part of a university study abroad program.

Soon after graduating, I started getting into yoga and before I knew it, I was guest teaching on yoga retreats around the world. The yoga was good but I found that the schedule offered too little time to experience the country and culture. After all, what’s the point of flying across the world if you’re going to lock yourself up in a retreat center all day?

Meanwhile.. for my friends and family, knowing a “local” in Thailand became a great reason for visiting year after year. And then it snowballed.. before I knew it, I was hosting friends-of-friends, fellow yoga teachers and great aunts. Somehow, without realizing it, I had become the authority on what to do (and not to do) in Thailand.

So I founded Thailand Yoga Holidays - not only as a way of combining my love for yoga and Thailand - but also because I wanted to offer something different from the countless, generic yoga retreats already on the market.

When I’m not hosting retreats, I’m usually back on the road.. sourcing new destinations and dreaming up wild experiences. So that every year, when my guests come back - I can surprise them with a little something new.

See you at the airport!